Kit List

We are cycling and we are camping. That means we need to pack as light as possible. Ideally like

So here's what I think you'll need:


I've been advised that racing bikes are far preferred for this kind of cycling as they have more ideal gear ratios for cycling across roads. However, I cannot be 100% sure about the quality of the roads or paths that we take so ideally you want a "touring bike" or a "hybird bike". Make sure you're used to riding it too, as apparently the worst part is saddle ache, so be sure you have a good saddle, unlike somone I know.


You will almost certainly want a pannier to carry luggage over the back (and possiblty front) wheel of your bike. This consists of a metal rack and a fabric bag which can be detached. You might entertain the idea of a rucksack, although for me at least that sounds like an annoyance! Also, you might consider a trailer, please check with ferry company about this before you book!


Not essential for everyone to bring tools. I will bring a basic puncture repair kit, tyre levers, pump, allen keys, chain lube and perhaps an adjustable spanner. If anyone else wants to bring tools or spare inner tubes, this would be helpful.


Please all bring a bike lock. Also some lights (can be cheap pound shop ones as not planning to cycle at night), and a helmet.


Basically you will need a tent, a sleeping bag, perhaps roll mat, clothes, sunglasses, toileteries, passport, insurance if desired, lube, vaseline, waterproofing for your top half and perhaps your pannier if needed. In an attempt to limit luggage, I don't think we should take cookers etc. although each to their own. We will try and buy disposable BBQs and eat out cheaply!